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Marin is professionally experienced in reading scripts and writing script coverage, and would be delighted to provide detailed feedback and suggestions for your screenplay/teleplay of any length.


Marin's script coverage comes with the experience of her having written her own features, webseries, TV pilots, short films, spec scripts, and more - ranging across all lengths, genres, and formats. She has also served as a script reader and film judge for various film festivals (SeriesFest, Horsetooth International Film Festival, Colorado Dragon Boat Film Festival), and provided her expertise to multiple review panels for projects, grants, and awards within CU Denver's Film & Television department.

To speak about coverage services, please reach out:

Coverage Flat Rates:

*BIPOC and LGBTQ folks will receive a $10 discount.

  • Feature-length (60-140 pages): $160

  • Teleplay (1 hour): $140

  • Teleplay (half hour): $120

  • Short film (10-20 pages): $100

  • Short film (under 10 pages): $80

You will receive:

  • A detailed plot summary of the script (usually 1-2 pages for features).

  • Detailed notes on the story, structure, characters, themes, production concerns, and more (usually 3-4 pages for features).

It’s hard to put into words how much of a pleasure it is to work with and know Marin Lepore, but luckily that’s what she is so talented with - words! Over the last 5 years anytime a scripted project has come across my way - I send it to her for coverage. She is professional, thoughtful, efficient and has an uncanny ability to take a script and break it down for the writer as well as people evaluating the project. I hope to continue to work with her and use her services for many years to come.

Mitch Dickman - Founder, Listen Productions.

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