MARIN LEPORE is a screenwriter, director, and activist. She's grown up in Colorado, and lived in Beijing from 4th-10th grade. After studying at the Colorado Film School, she continued at the University of Colorado Denver where she graduated with a BFA in Film & Television.

As a gay woman of color, Marin is passionate about creating inclusive films that empower women, POC, LGBT people, and other marginalized communities – her award-winning, multi-season, comedy webseries "I Put the Bi in Bitter" being one of them. She's the co-founder of the entirely women-led production company SAD GIRL PRODUCTIONS.

Marin previously served as a board member for the non-profit organization Women in Film and Media Colorado. At UCD, she was part of the College of Arts and Media's Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Task Force. She's spoken on panels across the country about topics ranging from filmmaking, to representation, to her life and being adopted.

Marin's work has screened at festivals including SeriesFest, ClexaCon, Denver Pop Culture Con, and Aurora Pride. Recent press interviews include 303 MagazineTagg Magazine, and Voyage Denver.

When she's not making films or fighting politics, Marin enjoys juggling, skating, playing violin, loving turtles, and eating Chipotle. Her favorite quote in the entire world is: "Before time flew it was an egg; going nowhere."