"Sleep Paralysis! For Kids" – TV Pilot

created, written, and directed by Marin Lepore

When twelve year old Kira experiences sleep paralysis for the first time in years, she's brought into a strange new world of monsters and adventures. This is a comedy and a love story.

Currently in production/post-production. (It's animated!)

Coming... At some point.


• Marin Lepore – Kira

• Alex Hatton – Demon Dan

• Dalena Nguyen – Little Lisa

• Monique Salas – Trumpet Tina

• Joey Lopez – Guitar Gus

• Gigi Youngblood – Penguin Pam

• Alexis Rae – Emily

• Eric Strange – Remi


Writer/Director • Marin Lepore

Original Music • Lambia

Concept art by Lily Kingston

Past Short Films

written, directed, and edited by Marin Lepore

Personal Project Summer '17

written, directed, shot, and edited by Marin Lepore


A series of different concepts, feelings, and how to express them; basically just the experiments of 3 siblings and a camera. Each filmed and edited over one day throughout the summer of 2017.