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written, directed, and edited by Marin Lepore

I'm currently working on an animated short film about two lesbian dinosaurs in love at the end of the world. That's all you get for now. It is very sweet. Stay tuned...

Coming 2023


• Alexis Rae: Tyra the T-Rex
• Monique Salas: Piper the Pterodactyl
• Artie Thompson: Tammy the Tortoise
• Maya Jairam: Candace the Chicken
• Alex Hatton: Beau the Brontosaurus


Writer/Director • Marin Lepore
Producer/Editor • Cassie LeFevre
Animator • Adam Dudley-Mallick

Animation Color • Jacob Wyscaver
Original Music • Alana Amore

Past Short Films

written, directed, and edited by Marin Lepore

Personal Project Summer '17

written, directed, shot, and edited by Marin Lepore


A series of different concepts, feelings, and how to express them; basically just the experiments of 3 siblings and a camera. Each filmed and edited over one day throughout the summer of 2017.


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